Komplette og helhetlige løsninger for industri, bygg og anlegg

Digitization within the process industry is close to our hearts. Delfi Digital experiences that these industries, and especially the smaller companies, have been left out of the opportunities offered by digital conversion.

The new and cost-effective solutions we can offer will provide a competitive advantage and will be necessary to face increasing competition in the home and abroad.


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Våre konsulenter og rådgivere

DELFI CONSULTANCY has for many years delivered consultancy services providing high customer value through cooperation and understanding of the customer's business and challenges. We are seeing an ever-increasing need for specialist competence in new and ongoing projects by our clients: We are constantly looking for experienced and independent specialists, especially in project management, architecture, development and testing which we can provide.

DELFI CONSULTANCY are recruiting employees with adequate academic education, strong focus on competence and skills, as well as considerable experience from operational work. This combined with business understanding and good communication skills are the personal qualifications are we looking for. A genuine interest and desire for further development in smart technology and digitization is a prerequisite.

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DELFI NEXT - vår innovasjonsmotor

DELFI NEXT have continues curiousness and innovation as it foundation. DELFI NEXT is delivering solutions and resources to meet key customer challenges, provide a competitive edge and true business value. As a provider of Digitalization, we always respond to business trends / events and our clients changing needs. Our systems use Big Data, IOT, sky processing, blockchain, AI and memory-based data management to analyze details and in real-time.

DELFI NEXT provide digitalization advice and projects, strategic advice focusing at information security and answer the customer's digital challenges with the right processes and solutions to createcreased competitiveness for our customers.

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MAPTRENDS - Neste generasjons Mobility Analytics

MAPTRENDS offer visualization of patterns of movements in electronic maps, filters and reports. These can be used to detect travel habits, traffic patterns and other motions which people do.  Our unique technology and big data information now enables Maptrends to process it and will provide the end user with unique insights into how movements of people is occurring and shifting. By selecting a geographical area, data can be retrieved and processed. Our technology is able to distinguish between pedestrians, cyclists, cars and public travelers. Utilizing historical and current data, scenarios for various movement trends can be identified and determined, distinguishing both the population and visitors.

Delfi, its partners and strategically clients, have started developing the future decision-making tools based on facts. Piloting ongoing.

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