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Why Delfi Consultancy

  •   Better organized services and follow-up

  •   Good business understanding

  •   Comprehensive IT expertise

  •   Develops products and services for global markets

  •   Innovative and innovative

  •   Dining expertise in software development and integrations

  •   Over 30 years of experience in innovation and entrepreneurship



Everything becomes Digital

  •   Digitization knows no boundaries

  •   New business models must be created

  •   Accountability and delegation processes change

  •   New challenges and rapid changes are forcing companies to change


"The whole world becomes digital, and sooner or later all commercial, industrial and service sectors, public and private, will be digitally converted"



Delfi Consultancy AS

Delfi Consultancy AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delfi AS. Delfi has for 30 years delivered products and services to satisfied customers.
We have many qualified and skilled consultants both as permanent employees and in our far-reaching network. In addition to having longer involvement in the oil and gas sector, we have many deliveries related to the public sector as well as general business in general.
Delfi Consultancy is growing and continuously looking for specialist specialists in development, integration, operation, project management and smart technology.
We have several ongoing projects within smart technology, big-data and smart-cities - the future is here! Delfi Consultancy covers several areas of expertise within IT administration and operations. We have highly experienced developers, project managers, network and infrastructure consultants, as well as specialist expertise in consulting and innovation.

Kontakt oss  på epost eller via telefon  +47 51 51 08 00, på kontoret i Veritasveien 25, 4007 Stavanger  eller finn ut mer ved å klikke på kontaktskjema knappen under.

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