Strong - Relocation management system

Best practice every time


Dashboard provides overview of work orders, where each assignee is in the process, and who is working the case

Access to overview of all service orders, workorders, and information from HR and Assignee web portals

Prosesser og maler

The system is process based and provides a LEAN workflow. This provides “Best practice every time”.
Through the work process, on every task, a possibility to add document and /or mail templates.

Implementasjon og opplæring

The system is developed by immigration and relocation specialists with over 25 years experience and is tailormade for the industry.


Purchase today and start training immediately. 


The system has been rigorously tested both internally and externally to bring a solid, error free system.

Strong is using last technology, security, development and offers unmatched security and data protection.


Strong is the only Relocation management system developed by Relocation & Immigration specialists, with over 25 years’ of experience in the industry, for all sizes of destination service providers. Strong was developed to simplify processes and increase efficiency, while ensuring consistent high quality service to customers.

It is a creative, innovative and rich in functionality, but easy-to-use system. With interactive tools, your team will save time, increase client satisfaction and deliver “Best practice every time”.

Strong is a LEAN processed based system that can track key events in each service, set reminders for important tasks with workflows of choice, and specified task lists. Real-time management information and KPIs  provided via visual dashboards, and reports for each caseworker, or on management level.

Complete overview of the business` work orders/processes and integrated invoicing module for expense management/ service fees and flexible reporting. Possible with integration to a large range of finance systems that will save time, and money.



With portals for HR personnel and assignees, Strong offers assignment tracking, document sharing, reporting, and compliance monitoring.

Customers can initiate and track their relocations via the HR portal while assignees can use their portal to keep up-to- date on all aspects of their relocation process. Two-way communication via the portals for both HR and the assignees, removes personal data/documentation communication via mail.



Strong ensures that your customers’ data is secure at all times. Strong is GDPR compliant, and has been rigorously tested both internally and externally.

For enhanced security, each of your customers has their own dedicated database, ensuring complete separation of data. Login via Citrix with two-factor (2FA) authenticator.

Our hosting infrastructure includes technical and physical measures to protect information against service interruptions and loss, with daily backups.



  • Super user (Administrator) training offered either remotely or on premise

    • Maintenance/Report module/Invoice module/Process module/Contract module/Web portals

  • Training of non-administrative is usually done by super user, but we offer additional training upon request

  • Strong user instructions available for free (uploaded in Strong)

  • Video instructions available Q1 2020

  • 3 months free support after implementation



  • Licence fee per user per month. Includes DB, SQL, Citrix, 2FA, and MS Office package.

  • Offers additional LEAN sessions to secure efficient workflow

  • Offers additional document/mail Template packages (incl. bookmarks)

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