Expertise for 30 years Building a smarter world Expertise for 30 years Building a smarter world

Delfi is

Delfi is an IT technology company providing products and services to businesses and the public sector. Delfi assists its clients and our solutions delivers increased competitiveness through automation, digitization and efficient utilization of large amounts of data. Delfi has the expertise and products adapted to solve our customers' challenges, increase customer revenue or streamline customer business.

Delfi Smart

Delfi Smart fulfills every day our vision of «Building a Smarter World». Together with customers and partners we develop new products and services tailored to a demanding market. We focus our efforts in product and service delivery to smart cities and communities, including counseling and innovation ideas for businesses that have products / services desired to be turned against them. Our innovation process is customer and market focused. Innovative methodology and digital business models creates exciting constellations at the intersection of customer needs and the business deliveries. Delfi Smart creates opportunities and competitive advantages. Join the innovation journey!

Delfi innovation


Our transformation and innovation journey we have called Delfi Next. It is a significant innovation program for established businesses where rapid development, testing and launch of new business areas are put together. Through our involvement and cooperation with X2 Innovation Center Delfi was an early pilot customer, and we have implemented innovative programs for digital health and smart city. Both are new growth areas for the company. Let us help you with your transformation journey to become more innovative and create smart solutions. Through our analysis, workshops, technologies and networks we are better able to support your transformation process and enable you to deliver exciting future business opportunities.

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DOCS - Delfi Open City System


Obtaining information from countless sources only have a value if the data can be interpreted, understood, used, and that action could be taken by machine or human. DOCS is the operating system that enables interaction between many types of information sources and provides real benefit from large amounts of data. The various features of DOCS smart-controls the city and data is presented to the desired surface. This enables collaboration across municipal boundaries and public service providers. DOCS is today a smart-operating-system for smart city response centers in Asia, where there are more than 70 installations.

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EnablerHub is a collaboration between Roxel, Petrolink and Delfi as through a large network of partners will front the total deliveries to smart cities and communities. EnablerHub has over 100 partners who can deliver smart solutions to city and municipality, and who see strength in being able to participate in the processes, and to offer a complete toolbox of solutions and services under an overall tab. Together we have gathered under the slogan "A global center for smart city solutions" with the aim of standardizing and export smart city technology worldwide.

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Products and services

Delfi has IT consultants with business knowledge and high IT competence. Through 30 years, Delfi has delivered good solutions that have given noticeable effect for our customers across industries both locally and nationally. The feedback is that we have high technological expertise, and are skilled in demanding projects. We adapt both existing and new solutions that deliver our clients and the client's customers added value.



Unique technology and complete data now facilitates visualization of travel habits and movement patterns in electronic maps, filters and reports. Large amounts of data are easily understandable in MapTrends, and will provide end-users an unique insight into movements of crowds. By drawing up an area in the map details can be retrieved, and it is possible to distinguish between pedestrians, cyclists, car-travellers and public transport passengers. Through historical trends it will be very enlightening to see the before and after scenarios of population and other visitors' movements. Delfi has teamed with strategically important customers developed future's descision making tool to be used when important investments are to be made.

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Our resource center where consultants who are specialized in product development, integration, operation, 2nd and 3rd line support and project management is organized. The company develops products intended for global markets and implements its strategy through innovative thinking. Our consultants have the expertise you need when you have projects that require project management, operational support, integrations or development of system and software. Our IT consultants have good business understanding and extensive IT expertise. Through 30 years, Delfi has delivered good solutions that have given added value to our customers across industries.

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